Company Overview


February 1970 Company established in Aburadai, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo (Capital ¥3,060,000)
August 1973 Transistor tester development
May 1975 Began exporting overseas
February 1977 RAM checker development
May 1978 Established a new factory in Ushinuma, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo
October 1979 Monitor burn-in system development
September 1982 Established the Hakushu Factory in Hakushucho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi
March 1984 Aluminium migration system development
March 1985 Awarded Excellent Examination Company Tokyo Governor Prize
June 1987 Testing burn-in system development
March 1990 Received an award from the small and medium sied enterprize agency
April 1991 Established a new factory in Kominedai, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo
July 1996 Established 2nd Hakushu Factory
May 1998 Reached capital of ¥189,540,000 after several capital increases
December 2002 Acquired certification for Quality Management System (ISO9001:2000)
December 2004 Acquired certification for Environmental Management System (ISO14001:1996)
December 2005 Switched over to Environmental Management System 2004 version
December 2009 Switched over to Quality Management System 2008 version