product summary

Aluminium Migration Test Equipment

Product Overview

While LSI is becoming increasingly highly integrated, problems like migration phenomenon and gate oxide layer time-dependent breakdown have been getting more attention.
This equipment supports the evaluation and analysis of electro-migration.


Evaluating LSI wiring material and oxide layer


  • Thermostatic chamber (2 chamber partition: 5 slots × 2chambers) / machine
  • Test board size 340mm × 472mm
  • Testing temperature settings RT +30°C~250°C
  • Constant current circuits 1 board / 20 circuits / 5 boards × 2 chambers = 200 circuits
  • Current output ranges (3 ranges) +1mA~50mA, +10mA~500mA, +100mA~3000mA
  • Current impressing method +DC only
  • Clamping voltage per 1TEG up to 18W (MAX 20V)